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been using Linode for many years, and I'm looking for some suggestions on a good Web Application Firewall.

I currently use UFW to manage basic firewall rules, but i'm looking for a system to protect against bot scrapers. Price scrapers specifically….

I see cloudflare have a bot protection option as part of their enterprise version. I have also found getastra.com has a something.

Does anyone have any suggestions, experience with a decent WAF?


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I'm pretty familiar with CloudFlare because a good number of our customers use their services so I wanted to provide you with some resources that they have available that deal with bot and data scraping.

This first section of their site deals with data scraping:

CloudFlare - Data Scraping

They have ScrapeShield, which might be worth looking into:

CloudFlare ScrapeShield

I have not personally used CloudFlare, but I wanted to provide you with a few resources since you mentioned them.

For my own servers, I use iptables and I haven't run into any bot or data scraping issues as of yet. You can configure iptables pretty specifically and we have a guide in our library that discusses this in detail:

Control network Traffic with iptables


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