How to set Display environment variables

Where I can set my Display Environment Variables to reflect an unlocked terminal?

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Hey there,

I'm not entirely familiar with what you are attempting to accomplish, but I dug around a little bit and it seems you are working with Domino servers based off the text you have provided. I found some excellent instructions on how to fix this situation which I've shared below:

Start your terminal session and log on as root user. You can use su to switch over to the root user in the same session:


Add the Domino user's account to the server's access control list with this:

xhost +local user_name

For example, if the user name is "frank" the syntax would be as follows:

xhost +local frank

Now you will need to switch back to the Domino user account using su again. Su can be used to both switch to the root user or any other user on the server:

su - Domino_user

Now set the DISPLAY environment variable to your local screen on the console:

export DISPLAY=Domino_server_hostname:0

You will want to restart the Domino server with the frank user account we used above. First change to the data directory by entering this command:

cd /local/frankdata

Now you can start the Domino server by using this command:


After following these steps you should not see that error pop up anymore. I hope this helps, good luck!


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