Can we save snapshots of built up virtual servers?

If I get a VPS system, and pick the Gentoo install. I would then need to build it up with various apps and configs. At that point, is it possible to snapshot the install, so if I ever needed to rebuild I could start from that point? This is something I do with vmware elsewhere.


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An excellent idea, however Linode does not have any sort of automated or builtin snapshot/backup service.

To do a snap shot in linux you can always use the "dd" command to copy entire partitions to a file. However, with partitions over 1 GB this becomes undesirable rather quickly.

You could also use the duplicate disk image in the disk images section of the members area. Shut down your linode duplicate the disk, provided you have enough free space left in your account.

Works good for recovery also.


Use LVM. Then, if you have sufficient disk space, you can snapshot logical volumes without without taking them offline.


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