I've gone over my network transfer quota. How do I increase it?

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I just received a Linode Alert, Outbound Transfer Quota, which tells me I have gone over my Network Transfer Pool quota. I want to increase the network transfer pool. Can you help me increase the quota?

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Your network transfer quota is tied to the Linode plans under your account. All of our plans have a set amount of outbound public network transfer you can use before you start incurring overage charges. We have a great Network Transfer Quota Guide that goes further into how the quota works if you want to learn more about it.

If you have gone over this quota, or you think you may before the end of the month, you can consider one of the following options to raise your pool total and avoid overages:

  1. Resize the current Linode to a larger size in order to access to more monthly transfer bandwidth; or

  2. Purchase (an) additional Linode(s) with the specific purpose of increasing the monthly transfer limit to avoid the overage.

Also, if you only have a very small overage, it may be more cost effective to pay that fee. The overage fee is $0.02 per GB over, so a few GB's of transfer over will likely be less than the cost of our smallest plan, the $5/month Nanode.

When looking into any of these options, you should remember that the network transfer quota is pro-rated, meaning that if you upgrade or add Linodes partway through a month, you get the remaining month's worth of additional transfer. It is best plan ahead if you think you may experience a spike in traffic for your Linodes.

It is important to note that only public outbound traffic is counted against this quota. If some of the traffic that is causing your overages is between your Linodes, sending that traffic over private IP will help reduce the amount of transfer that goes against your quota. Transfer over private IP between Linodes is unlimited and never counts against you.

To give a quick update to this post, the overage fee is now only $0.01 per GB over the quota!

We announced this on our blog at the end of 2019:

2019 - A Year In Review

I just wanted to update this post with our newest rates as of Nov 2, 2023.

All data centers (except those listed below)    $0.005/GB
Jakarta, Indonesia    $0.015/GB
São Paulo, Brazil    $ 0.007/GB


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