Trouble Logging Into My Server Using My Linode Account Username

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I'm having trouble logging into my Linode, using my Linode username. I tried using the password from the 'root' account but this also isn't working.

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The username from within Cloud Manager typically isn't the username for logging into the server. Although, it is possible to use the same username for your Linode account, as well as for your Linode itself.

If you'd like to use the same username for both, you'll need to login to your server, under the 'root' account, and add a Linux user account with your username. To do this, you'll use the 'adduser' command. This will also prompt you to create a new password for your user account.

adduser your_username

I've also provided a link to documentation with some examples of using this command.
Adduser Examples

I can login as "root" now. Thanks.


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