How do I fix broken permalinks in WordPress?

After changing my permalinks in WordPress I can no longer access my content. How can I fix this?

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A lot of things can cause permalinks to break in WordPress, so without knowing what was changed, it will be impossible to say how to fix them. As permalinks are intended to be permanent and unchanging way of getting to your content even after you update your web site, there are cases where there will be no way to fix them, such as if you put new content at the same URL as the old permalink.

In general, I would recommend you read WordPress' documentation on the subject to get an overview of the subject.

Some things that in some cases can cause permalinks to break include:

  • Changing settings in the Settings -> Permalinks dashboard panel

  • Altering .htaccess files

  • Installing new plugins or updates to old ones

  • Changing domain names

  • Migrating your WordPress installation to a new server

Additional information about permalinks in WordPress can be found here.

To be able to get additional help about your problem, please review our guide on Asking Better Questions and include all relevant details about what changes you made and an explanation of your site structure before and after the changes.


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