Does Linode offer DDoS Mitigation?

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I'm pretty sure that my server is being impacted by a DDoS attack. Does Linode offer any services to prevent or mitigate such attacks?

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While we don't offer any DDoS mitigation services at this time, I'd be happy to provide some helpful suggestions here!

First, I'd use a tool like tcpdump to monitor the incoming traffic to your Linode. If you notice any interesting patterns (such as harmful traffic from specific IP addresses or to specific ports), you may want to adjust your firewall rules to drop the malicious traffic. Our iptables guide could be helpful here.

If you're unable to access your Linode via SSH during an attack, you can try to connect to it using Lish.

As for DDoS mitigation services, we highly recommend using a service such as Cloudflare. Cloudflare can obfuscate your Linode's IP address, allowing you to hide this address from potential attackers.

UPDATE: We've introduced advanced DDoS protection, free for all customers. You can find out more details on this service in our blog post.

If you believe your services are being impacted by a DDoS attack despite this advanced protection, please reach out to Linode's Support Team so they can help investigate.


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