How do verify the final output for lamp cookbook?

I have a ubuntu desktop(16.04), following the tutorial to implement install and implement lamp stack in my node.

How to check my final result?

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For checking the status of your services and application, you will utilize the command line on your desktop environment. To launch the command line, you would press CTRL + ALT + T.

You're able to check the status of Chef and its status by running the command chef-server-ctl status. If you'd like the status of individual services, you can run chef-server-ctl status SERVICE_NAME.

Chef has very thorough documentation:
General documentation
Service documentation

In regards to the LAMP stack, you're able to check the statuses by running the following commands:


sudo systemctl status apache2


mysqladmin -u root -p status

You would have to utilize your browser to determine if PHP is properly installed and running by creating a PHP file:
sudo nano /var/www/html/info.php

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

In your browser, navigate to:

You should then see a PHP status page on your browser.

For future readers: Please keep in mind these are commands are for Ubuntu


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