Cloud Manager: Cross-Data Center Migrations

Linode Staff

We're excited to announce another great feature to the Cloud Manager:

Cross-Data Center Migrations

Previously, if you needed to move your Linode to another data center, you would reach out to the Support Team to configure the migration. Now, these migrations can be configured right from the Cloud Manager! Here's how:

1) Log in to the Cloud Manager.
2) Click on Linodes in the sidebar and select a Linode.
3) Click on the Disks/Configs tab.
4) Follow the link under the Configure a Migration section.
5) Select your desired region in the dropdown, and click Enter Migration Queue when ready.

Some important things to consider about cross-data center migrations:

  • Your Linode will be powered off during the migration, and all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will change.
  • Any backups with the Linode Backup Service will not be migrated. Once your migration is complete, they will resume on their existing schedule.
  • Any DNS records (including rDNS) will need to be updated. We have guides for our DNS Manager and for rDNS configuration to help with this.
  • Block Storage can't be migrated to other regions.

As always, if you run into any issues or have questions, please let us know.

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