Does my Linode share the network with other Linodes?


I have a linode which I want to use for making requests to an API. I tried making the request today but I got "[429] Too many requests." as a response.

The api link is "". It works just fine on my machine at home, even if I spam 5 requests per second.

Does anyone have any idea why they are throttling me when I'm making the request from my linode (even since the first time I did). I'm wondering if other people do so on their linodes and they just throttle the network.

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure why you're seeing different results from your home computer vs. your Linode, but from CoinMarketCap's API documentation, it appears that API rate limits are connected to API keys and their corresponding usage tiers.

Are you making requests from your home and your Linode using the same API key? If so, the combined requests may be hitting the API rate limit, which resets every 60 seconds.

If you're seeing that requests from your Linode are consistently returning 429 errors for more than 60 seconds while you aren't making API requests using the same API key from any other sources, I'd reach out to them directly via email at or Twitter for help with troubleshooting.


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