I received a ticket from Linode Support stating that my account has invalid information on file. What does this mean, and what should I do?

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Why did I receive this ticket, and where can I update this information?

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Occasionally we receive signups with information that appears to be incomplete, or which uses characters that our system does not support. In these cases, instead of cancelling your signup we simply ask that you update this information before we fully activate your account.

We may also issue these tickets to accounts which have been active for some time, but need to update the information on file in order to comply with our Terms of Service.

The ticket you’ve received should state what needs to be updated in order to activate your account. You can make these changes under the “Update Contact Information” tab in the Account section of Cloud Manager.

If you are unsure what needs to be updated, or why, please don’t hesitate to respond to your ticket, or to contact us by phone or email 24/7 and ask for clarification. We are more than happy to help!


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