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I updated my email address about a month or two ago, and my old address is no longer being checked. However, I did log into it and saw an Emergency Maintenance Ticket. It would have been a disaster if I hadn't been made aware of a reboot. I don't see my old address anywhere on my account settings or dashboard or contact info. How can I permanently switch over my email to the new one and completely turn off the old one? I have been receiving the monthly Linode invoice at my new email, so I assume that's working properly. Thank you.

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Your account has different settings for e-mail, both at the account and user level and receive different notifications. When updating your email in the system, you'll want to make sure that the email addresses of the main account and all of the users have been updated appropriately.

For example, the Account e-mail address receives invoices, receipts and credit card expiration warnings while the User e-mail address would receive support tickets like those for Emergency Maintenance.

The guide below explains this in more detail and gives you the instructions on how to update the email addresses for your different profiles:

Classic Manager - Accounts & Passwords

If you're using the Cloud Manager the guide can be found here:

Cloud Manager - Accounts & Passwords


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