How do i install certbot-dns-linode plugin to ubuntu 18 ?

Can someone help me make the Let's Encrypt wildcard certificate for auto renewal? I tried to install the certbot-dns-linode plugin but it is not found in the repository or any PPA.

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If you could share any specific error messages you were encountering, it could help others in identifying the issue.

Did you set up your API key properly? You'll need to do this for set up certbot-dns-linode credentials correctly:

We also have a guide for using Certbot, which will walk you through the steps depending on your distribution. Below is a direct link to working with it on Ubuntu:

I did a quick Google search about this and found a couple posts online that may point you in the right direction.

It may have to do with how the SSL cert was set up. According to comments on this LetsEncrypt forum post, certs that were manually issued cannot be automatically renewed:

On another LetsEncrypt forum post, there is a response to the initial post with commands that helped the person from the original post:

Without knowing any specific error messages, however, it's hard to know for sure why you're unable to use the certbot-dns-linode plugin.

The instructions say to run sudo apt-get install python3-certbot-dns-< PLUGIN >. Running that with linode (sudo apt-get install python3-certbot-dns-linode) gives an error of

E: Unable to locate package python3-certbot-dns-linode

It isn't a matter of being unable to use the plugin, but a matter of being unable to install it.

@mbarkmeier (And @hajbal) My previous response fell short because I didn't do my due diligence with researching this.

Doing a search here on our Community site, I found the following post:

As Marques explains, the plugin is missing because it was introduced after the PPA was created. In the specific post linked above, Marques provides a couple workarounds, including steps on installing Certbot from source or using a Docker container. Alternatively, Marques also includes a link to a gist for Linode specific instructions on using Lego, Let's Encrypt client and ACME library written in Go.

As far as I know, there has been no update on the status of updating the certbot-dns-linode plugin.

Hi, I was running into this same problem and believe I have a solution which I posted in the relevant Certbot GitHub issue. Hopefully you find it useful.

Additional answers.

Certbot prefers to be installed by snap. If you have done so, you can run:

sudo snap install certbot-dns-linode

Then follow these instructions:

Good luck moving your operation to another (non-Ubuntu) distro if you do this…

-- sw


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