Backing Up My Server To Another Data Center

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I want to backup my server to another data center and I want to monitor/analyze the speed and traffic during the process. Are there any tools that can help with this?

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You can backup a Linode to another data center and if you wanted to monitor the network activity during that time, you can certainly do so. I recommend utilizing a network monitoring service or tool for this option. The results will be different between each data center, as it depends on the location of the server that you are backing up and the location of the destination server. So, it's likely to be better and faster results for a server in Newark being backed up to Atlanta, rather than being backed up to Singapore. Some network monitoring tools and services that you can consider using for your server are referenced below.

Network Monitoring Tools
Network Monitoring Services

You may want to start with "iperf" to measure the maximum network throughput that your servers can handle. You can set this up for the servers on your account and perform some tests. We do have a guide that can assist you with this option.

Using Iperf

Please note that outbound traffic counts towards your monthly network transfer pool and if you were to exceed the quota, you would be charged $0.02 for each additional GB over the quota at the end of your billing cycle. So if you are backing up your server to another data center on a daily basis, it's possible that you will exceed this quota.

Network Transfer Quota


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