video thumbnails within apps using hosted videos

we hacve videos hosted on linode and currently moving from youtube streaming to our own hosted videos. problem being we cant seem to get video thumbnails like youtube. any help woul be appreciated.

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You might have a few options here. Is your goal to have a thumbnail that you can then use to "preview" the video before a user clicks on it or plays it? Or are you referring to the thumbnails that might appear at the bottom of a web player as you're skipping to specific frames of the video?

Thumbnail Image

Depending on how you intend on using it, you might just be able to use any image file. Your video editing software could have a way to export a thumbnail image but you can also create your own custom image (from a screenshot or in an image editing software).

Thumbnail Timeline Preview

As for displaying thumbnails as you skip through the video timeline, this entirely depends on the software you are using to play the video files. For instance, here are guides on adding thumbnail previews in JWPlayer and FlowPlayer, two popular video players for web browsers.

All this is a bit outside the realm of my knowledge. You might get some great advice by reaching out to the vendor of whichever software you're using.


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