How do I become a Linode Reseller?

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I'd like to use Linode as a base for my own services and resell them. Do I have to sign up for a reseller program?

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Becoming a Linode reseller is incredibly easy and doesn't require any special process or application. You'll just need to make sure that your service complies with our Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy. As long as your services are inline with our policies, you are free to resell them as you'd like.

We have more information about using our platform when reselling, including some useful tips on how to do so, on our How to Resell Linode Services guide.

I would like to add that Linode does encourage reselling, and you don't need any special authorization or permission from us. You are also not restricted to using the API. We just recommend it because it is a flexible and powerful tool. On the topic of reselling there are a couple of things worth discussing:

  • We suggest you open a ticket or send
    an email to and just let us know that you will be operating as a reseller. This way we will have the appropriate context, and it'll help us to provide the best support for your account that we can. It isn't required by any means.
  • As a reseller we won't be able to offer any special treatment in regards to our Terms of Service. If a client should happen to break the ToS it is the reseller who will be help accountable. For that reason we recommend making sure you have a clear ToS that is inline with Linode's.
  • We don't currently have a special reseller program but we do offer referral codes.

Something else to consider is how to manage your clients. One option is to create another account to host them. You are more than welcome to have multiple accounts. However, we cannot arrange it such that Account A manages Account B. Account B will still be considered separate for purposes of billing and authentication. Similarly, you will not be able to administrator Account B from Account A. This does extend to API tokens.

If you want to be able to manage multiple clients I would recommend looking into the API and perhaps creating multiple users. You can manage the allowances of a limited user under an account however you would like.


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