How Can I Get Additional Notifications for Emergency Maintenance

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When A Linode is being rebooted / shutdown by the staff due to Emergency Maintenance, right now only account holder email (mine) is getting a notification.

1) Where can I configure it so that additional email accounts get these messages?

2) Does Linode have API that can be queried for list of latest events?

3) Does Linode have webhook feature -- allowing us to configure a "receiver URL", all events happened on Linode account will be pushed to webhook?

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Something that is important to keep in mind is that we handle Emergency Maintenance Notifications just like any other Support ticket. So any solutions for receiving more information about Maintenance will apply to all the tickets that the account or Linode receives. With that said, I'll happily address your questions one by one.

1) At this time there is a limit of one email per user. A potential workaround would be to simply create more users with the emails you would like to receive notifications. As mentioned above, this wouldn't be limited to Emergency Maintenance notifications, but would send along everything that you are currently getting in regards to whichever Linodes the new users have grants for. This might create a little extra noise.

2) Linode does have a robust and programable API. You can find a getting started guide here. And the full documentation here. You can use the API to view your open support tickets (which would be the way to pull those Emergency Maintenance events) and can even use it to respond.

3) While we don't have a webhook option for account level notifications such as Emergency Maintenance and other tickets you can set up webhooks for larger events that are posted on You can check out the Statuspage API documentation here.

There are probably even more ways of staying current with what your Linode account, from event notifications to server monitoring. What are some of your favorite methods?


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