why the network is so slow for china?

i have create and change for many servers, i can't find any region or server that have a fast speed for china, i want use it deploy shadowsocks, but i am so Disappointment!

most server ip can't ping, and someip packet loss seriousl!

any suggest?

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first, i have a ping test for speedtest.london.linode.com,it seems no problem。

but when i create a server at london , i have a ping test for my new server ip ,but it have a big package loss, and the speed is so slowly.

i don't know why!

Recently I was in China, so I could not access my linode in Japan through SSH,and could not ping the public ip

I have a similar issue. I help one friend to setup a shadowsocket server here, from my side, speed is good and can see online video without any issue, but my friend said speed is quite slow.

I will try to re config to different areas, e.g. US or Japan to see whether it work.

From linode side, don't think they can help you.

After several day tryout, found the answer, GFW is so smart to detect Shadowsock and ShadowsocksR, they will throttle to almost zero speed.

Use v2ray which possiblely can last one year until GFW find the new way to detect it.

v2ray not working anymore. I tried JP, SG, CA & US severs. all bad or dead. I'm wondering whether it's the wall that causes it.

v2ray still work, you probably choose TCP or TLT, which will leak info cause GFW to block you, or your ip is unlucky blocked.

try different ip and choose UDP (dynamic port)


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