How do I add a 1MB disk to my Linode?

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I have created 1MB disks through the Cloud Manager multiple times, so the minimum size requirement is not correct. Why can't I create a small disk via the Linode CLI?

$ linode-cli linodes disk-create $ID --size 1 --label example
Request failed: 400
│ field │ reason                                       │
│       │ Distribution requires a minimum size of 1900 │

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Since there's no distribution provided in the CLI command, then the CLI is trying to deploy the default image specified in the configuration file (default location is ~/.linode-cli). You can comment out (with #) or remove the image variable in the CLI configuration file to prevent this behavior to deploy 1MB disks.

Consequently though, this means that any new Linode deployments with the CLI will need the --image flag to also deploy a distribution in the same command.

Alternatively, if you don't wish to make any changes to your CLI configuration, you can create a new API token and run linode-cli configure to create a new user profile without a default image. Check out the Linode CLI GitHub for additional information on multiple user configurations.


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