How do I make Paypal the default or can I?

For several years, I've been set up with Linode's automatically billing my credit card, which is great. However, I'd prefer to have invoices go through Paypal, rather than my credit card. How can I set this up? Or can I?

PS: If not, just out of idle curiosity, what is it about Linode's business model that makes this a hassle as contrasted with the businesses that offer it?

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At the moment we don't have PayPal set up for automatic payments, but that's something we can look into for the future. For now, you can make manual payments via PayPal from the Account page in the Cloud Manager.

Since the reply to jabowery's query is dated 1 year and 8 months ago, I'd like to check on the status of PayPal automatic payments. I recently had to obtain a new credit card after an unauthorized charge to my credit card. I didn't update my credit card information for my Linode account prior to the payment due date and the payment became past due. I logged into my Linode account today and paid the amount due by PayPal, but I could not make PayPal my default payment method. Is there any plan to provide an option to automatically make monthly payments by PayPal available in the near future?

It is annoying and time consuming to have to go to a couple of dozen websites to update credit card information on file whenever one gets a new credit card; I would prefer to be able to just update the credit card information on PayPal and have all other sites for which I have a monthly charge use a PayPal subscription, so then I don't need to worry about forgetting to update the information with any companies in the event of a credit card change. That option is available to me for some services I use, but not for others and as far as I can determine isn't currently an option for Linode.

@Jim_C You are correct. This option is not currently available on Linode, and I can understand the inconvenience this might cause you. That being said, this is a feature request that is on our radar and I've included your request in our internal tracker. We'll be sure to update our blog if we include this payment feature in the future.


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