Is linode choking on my webpage 2nd document?

I have been able to upload a website from my home machine and when I try to access it on Linode, the first (html) page is executed which only links and shows a different html document according to the date but it chokes on the second document which is a frameset (it shows its name in the title bar).

Has anyone any suggestion as to what the problem could be? (It does not look like Linode silently ignores "frames".)

(I have not been able to reproduce by any other means the result I obtain with frames.)

It all works perfectly on my home machine.

Thank you for your help.

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Without a more detailed breakdown of the HTML itself and the configuration of your web server it is a bit difficult to say where your issue with framing is coming from. I do have a couple of general points that might be helpful.

The main thing that I found in looking into this is that the frameset element is not supported in HTML5. This could be causing some of your issues if you are not explicitly using HTML4. You can read a little bit more about it here.

Second, if you have found that it was working as expected from you local computer it would be helpful to check whether you are viewing the raw HTML, checking it on your Local Host or if you have a web server configured and running. If you do have a web server running I would recommend copying its configuration as exactly as you can to your Linode.

If you have been checking without an active web server then you could try previewing the site with a hosts file. This could help indicate where the issue lies.

I would also recommend taking a look at our web server guides for some insight into potential configuration issues.

I found even using any html 4 in Linode, frames are "ignored" and I replaced the HTML with html5 code which works now.


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