How do I install PHP and MySQL on CentOS 7 with Node.JS?

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I need help to install latest PHP and MySQL combination in my CentOS 7.6 and make sure there will be no conflict with my current Node.JS and NPM.

How might I do it properly, and can one provide documentation for reference?

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So I am not totally clear on how closely you'd like PHP and Node.js working together, but the following resources should help:

For installing PHP and MySQL on CentOS, check out the following documentation on Linode's website that will walk you through it:

While uncommon, you should be able to connect both Node.JS and PHP to the same database. If that is your intention, consider these resources for guidance:

Lastly, I found a few other Community site posts that might be relevant. This post explains how you might run Node.js alongside a LAMP stack, which from what it sounds like might be exactly your intention. And this post, while not specific to PHP, might also be of interest.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the provided information, it should be good enough for me to try!.



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