How do I install an SSL Certificate from a 3rd Party?

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I have a zip file containing my SSL Certificate, but I do not know how to install it.

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More information is needed to answer this.

  • From whom did you purchase the SSL Certificate from?
  • In what format is the certificate? (i.e. PEM, PKCS)
  • Is it a chained certificate?
  • What is the web server that you want to install it on?
  • What distribution of Linux are you using?
  • Is the certificate for a wildcard domain or a specific host? (i.e. or just

The following resources may be helpful:

How to convert between different certificate types
Understanding certificate formats
Linode Resources for SSL Certificates
How to configure NGINX to use SSL (You will want to specify the exact path to the files unlike the example in the documentation. A common place to store the files is in the /etc/ssl/ directory)

I hope this helps!

Harold Phillips


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