VPN camera via local ip

Hello, hopefully I can explain this in a simple and concise manner.

I have a "streamer" server running on a linode which runs custom made video streaming software.

It takes the RTSP url from cameras and restreams it to HLS

I installed OpenVPN on that streamer server.

Then I connected my PC via VPN client to the OpenVPN server.

I have a good vpn connection between my pc and the streamer server.

Normally on the streaming server I enter the RTSP URL of cameras using a public ip.

The whole point of this is to try to enter the RTSP URL of the camera using a local IP.

SO that we dont have to forward ports on the LAN where the camera is.

This part is not working so far… any tips?

From my pc i can ping the VPN tunnel interface.
But I cant ping my local PC VPN client ip from the server.

Any tips on this whole process?

The local interface ip of the VPN tunnel is

The local ip of my PC is

The camera on my local LAN I am trying to connect to is set to

Maybe the problem is that my local router / gateway is no on the 10.8 subnet…

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Hey @cview,

Your thinking is right. The subnet will not work with subnet if they're on the same router. When you go from private to public networks, you will need to set up port forwarding on your local router. You will also need to make sure all the IPs behind the router are on the same subnet or implement multiple routers that have the routing tables for each network, so it knows how to access the different subnets.


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