Trying to SSL Secure a apache site on ubuntu

So I recently tried to move my fully working website from a webhost that does most everything but limits my access/control to linode due to the nature of my site having it SSL secured is high priority I first followed the letsencrypt tutorial
and then the apache lucide ssl tutorial
before these when i would go to my domain ( http would work but https would say the site did not exist it does say it exist now but the connection fails to secure preventing the user from visiting the site on firefox it gives me this error
any help would be greatly appreciated

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The error code you're receiving is essentially informing you that your SSL certificate is not configured correctly with Apache. There are a few different potential reasons for this.

  • Port 443, the port that HTTPS traffic takes place on, is not open
  • Apache is not listening for traffic on port 443
  • There are multiple SSL certificates sharing an IP address (unlikely, given the information provided here)
  • An issue in Apache's virtual hosts configuration

You can check to see if your Linode's port 443 is open and if Apache is listening on it by running netstat -plntu, or its replacement command, ss. If 443 is not open, there is likely a firewall rule blocking it. If Apache is not listening on 443, you may need to update your ports.conf file.

If port 443 is open and Apache is listening on it, there may be a misconfiguration in the web server itself. Ensure that the virtual hosts file (which is typically found in /etc/apache2/sites-available) is updated with your domain information as referenced in our updated guide. You will also need to restart Apache after making changes to configuration files.

@jyoo Thank you very much it would look like port 443 is open and Apache is listening on it I think that the issue is likely in my virtual host file though viewing the tutorial you linked it would look like I may need to do a few more steps then I did again thank you very much still need to test some stuff out but I think I am now on the right track! :)


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