Question on setting up subdomain

I am setting up a SaaS site. Here is the basic structure.

Instance 1 - This is a WP site that will simply be my sales page, shopping cart, etc.

Instance 2 - This is where the application will reside that subscribers will log into and access.

My problem is the subdomain of "app." is not becoming active. I get message "ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED"

Is there something I need to do to establish it as a sub-domain. If so where? Don't see it.

I have "app." set as a slave. Should it actually be a master?

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If you're looking to add a subdomain as you've outlined you should be able to add an A/AAAA record to your master record. This should start to work within 15 minutes. The process to do this is outlined in our documentation I've linked below:

Configure Subdomains

I hope this helps!


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