Accessing Ubuntu Linode on my Windows 10!

I am trying to connect my Linode (Ubuntu) on my Windows but unable to establish connection to my server. I have tried a lot SSH and PuTTY for the connection.
Anyone can guide me in details please. I will be really gratful.

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Have you tried logging into your Linode via Lish to make sure it's up and running? From there, you can check your Linode's networking with:

curl -I

If your Linode's networking isn't up and running, try rebooting your Linode with our Network Helper enabled.

If it's working and you're able to get a response from an outside website, then check to see if you're able to reach your Linode with an MTR report.

If you see any problem in the MTR report, open up a ticket and myself or another member of the Support team will be happy to take a look with you.


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