Usable IPv6 connectivity very slow to be available after creating Linodes.

I'm finding that whenever I spin up a new Linode, it takes a long time for IPv6 connectivity to be available. This means that downloading deployment scripts etc can straight up not work for quite some time after starting the instance.

My current solution is to have my scripts sit running ping -6 -c 1 in a loop until it succeeds, but this is less than ideal.

Is this a datacentre specific issue? Or is this a known/widespread problem?

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I'm not aware of any IPv6 connection issues for new Linodes that are created. I haven't experienced this for new Linodes that I've created. Have you opened up a support ticket with us, so that we can take a closer look at this on our end? Also, which data center are you creating the Linodes in?

I did, the support agent was able to reproduce and subsequently address the issue. It seemed to primarily affect the UK. Ticket ID was 12863924 if you wanted to take a peek.


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