Getting started guide, IPv6 question

In the "Getting Started" guide, the step "Update your System's Hosts File" states:

Add an entry for your Linode’s IPv6 address. Applications requiring IPv6 will not work without this entry:

How do I determine my IPv6? I do not see a listing for this, just a normal IP address on my Linode (from my Linode cloud account).

Also, I haven't been asked in the tutorials yet to install any applications requiring IPv6 (to the best of my knowledge). Should I just ignore this step for now?

Context: My goal is to host a dynamic website (have successfully installed and am running Jetty as a service, hosting a static replica currently only reachable by IP address) and to run an email server (am in the process of working through "Email with PostFix, DoveCot and MySQL" but wanted to make sure I had thoroughly covered the "Before you Begin" steps).

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You can find your Linode's IPv6 address on the Networking tab for your Linode in the Cloud Manager. It'll be below the IPv4 section but above the "Networking Actions" section. You'll see both a "SLAAC" and "Link-Local" address. The "SLAAC" address, or the one that doesn't start in "fe80", will be the public IPv6 address for your Linode.

I'd recommend making sure that your Linode's IPv6 address is added in as well, just in case it's needed later. Not many applications use IPv6 exclusively, but some people will try to connect to your Linode over IPv6 by default.


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