How do I access wordpress?

I followed this guide :

and the linode guide on how to install wordpress.
I followed all the steps, but when I try to access my domain name,
the Debian Default Page shows up. I can't seem to access the wordpress setup page. Any help?

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We have a ton of guides on our site to help setup WordPress. I just want to make sure that you were looking at the correct one, here's one for Ubuntu 18.04:

How to Install and Configure WordPress

As for why you're getting a default web server page, it's possible that you might have missed restarting Apache after making configuration changes or WordPress wasn't installed in the correct directory. Just so you don't have to back track and dig deep into troubleshooting this, I recommend redeploying from our One-Click App!

Here is a link to our guide that walks through setting up the One-Click App:

Deploying WordPress One-Click App


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