Is there a Linode expert service out there?

We have been using Linode for mid-range e-commerce worldwide for nearly five years. We have recommended friends and customers to Linode.

Now, as a year-end, fun in-house dev-ops project, we are thinking of creating a service that offers startups a way to get ready-made Linode configured our way for a small fee.

The target user of this new service would be a startup that wants to use Linode instead of a Cpanel based colo server. But, they don't want the hassle of setting up a Linux server from scratch. They would find our Linode details on a website, and for a small fee, we would be able to transfer it to their account.

We wanted to know if there is already any service/person doing this, and what do you all think?



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I think the simplest way to do this would be to:

  • create a gold image of what you're thinking,
  • deploying a new Linode from the golden image
  • when the customer's Linode is all set, open a Support ticket to transfer the server to another account. Billing would then be on the end customer to maintain.

Account transfers like this don't require any downtime, but we would need a ticket from both your account stating that you'd like to transfer the Linode and the receiving account letting us know that they want to take over the Linode.

We have already done a zero-downtime transfer with you guys so yes we like it. What I was asking for is really to see if there would be an interest in such a marketplace.

Will Linode be interested in having us create a Linode Marketplace to allow customers buy/sell linodes that they have tuned/configured for certain production or development tasks.

AWS has a marketplace and it is very cool for customers with specialized knowledge to help other customers for free or for a fee. :)

I love Linode and would like to see this happen. Please let me know.!



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