Custom Image with Terraform and Extra Disks


When attempting to provision a linode instance with terraform using a private image and extra disks, terraform fails with HTTP/1.1 400 BAD REQUEST and the reason is Linode busy.

Environment Information

The private image in question is a customized CentOS 8 Disk Image created with Packer.

Behaviors Observed

Linode Manager (Web UI)

  • Public and Private disk images available
    • cannot specify size of boot drive disk at creation
    • cannot specify or add new disks at creation
    • both private and public images create a functioning linode

Linode API via Terraform

  • Public Disk Images
    • boot drive size may be specified
    • additional drives may be specified
  • Private Disk Images
    • boot drive size may be specified
    • additional drives cause API errors
      • HTTP/1.1 400 BAD REQUEST
      • reason: Linode busy.

Based on the terraform documentation and what I've read in the source code so far, there shouldn't really be a difference in behavior based on which image is specified to be the operating system.

Here's a bare bones example that works if I use a public image, but, if I replace the image line with my private image it fails with the errors mentioned above. I also tried removing the filesystem specification from the private image declaration during my tests. The error message did not change.

provider "linode" {
  token = "${var.linode_token}"

resource "linode_instance" "tf_example" {
  label = "tf_example"
  region = "${var.region}"
  type = "g6-nanode-1"
  group = "test"
  tags = ["test"]

  config {
    label = "main_boot"
    kernel = "linode/latest-64bit"
    root_device = "/dev/sda"

    devices {
      sda {
        disk_label = "boot"
      sdb {
        disk_label = "Swap Image"
      sdc {
        disk_label = "logs"
  disk {
    label = "boot"
    size = "3000"
    image = "linode/centos8"
    filesystem = "ext4"
    root_pass = "${var.root_pass}"
    authorized_keys = ["${var.ssh_key}"]
  disk {
    label = "Swap Image"
    filesystem = "swap"
    size = "512"
  disk {
    label = "logs"
    filesystem = "ext4"
    size = "10000"

  boot_config_label = "main_boot"

variable "linode_token" {}
variable "root_pass" {}
variable "ssh_key" {}
variable "region" {
  default = "us-central"

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Hey @Kellin, seeing that you also posted this as an issue to the Linode Terraform Provider github repo here. Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we'll take a look at this and work on a solution.


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