How Can I Manage my Linode's Log Files?

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I was checking up on somethings with my server and I've found that there's a whole bunch of really big log files. They're using up more of my storage space that I would like, and so I want to know how to manage the size and number of these logs.

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Dealing with log files can be a bit tricky. On one hand you want to have them around for when you need to troubleshoot and issue, and on the other they can eat up your storage space. The good news is that we have a guide on using logrotate to manage exactly this scenario.

There are more details in that link, but the basic gist is that logrotate will run through cron and automate a process where it compresses log files after a certain period of time, and then eventually delete those old compressed files for you. This is a powerful and flexible utility. I'm a big fan of cron, and if you aren't familiar with using it you might take a look at this guide.

Lastly, if you need a bit of help finding the files in the first place I would recommend this post which gives some great tips for tracking down what's hogging your storage space.


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