Stuck in Lish after typing ctrl+a

I connected to the server using Lish in a Linux-terminal. In Linux you use ctrl+a to jump to the beginning of the line. If I do this in the shell (username@servername) the terminal seems to freeze (I am no longer able to type anything). At the moment the only fix seems to reboot the server, but there must be an easier way. I can type ctrl+a followed by d to jump to the Lish-shell (linode13xxxx3@h134-fra1 lish) and press enter to return to the "stuck"-shell.
Kind regards,

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Hi Morten,

Lish has some additional commands, have you tried using the kill command in Lish then reconnecting?


Hi Alex,
thanks for your suggestion. I didn't see your message until after I had rebooted the server, but will try it if the same issue should happen again later.
Kind regards,


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