still unable to key in data to our website

Dear PIC.

This is my third question on this current our web status.
The web status still running, however I cannot key in our data to the
"Registry" column… please, please…
Whenever click the ' Registry" column these words will pop out..
" We're sorry, something went wrong,
If you are the application owner, check the log for more information"

Please… a lot data need to be key in already.

Thank you.

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Linode Staff

Hey there,

We're able to load the Registry page of your domain,, which loads a log in screen. If you are unable to log in to add data files from that screen, you may need to revisit or reset your credentials.

Based on the error that you provided, this appears to be a Ruby on Rails error. This documentation on Debugging Rails Application may help walk you through troubleshooting this issue in detail.

If you're having trouble adding files to a database that populates the Registry page when you have successfully logged in, you may need to review your logs, as the error code mentions:


We hope that helps move your troubleshooting closer to a resolution. Feel free to share your log outputs if you need assistance reviewing them.

Tara T
Linode Support Team


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