Why are ads popping on random links on my site?


Recently my linode-nano server was maintenanced and after a quick sudo -apt-get update and upgrade commands, I was shown some grub related settings that I'd to choose from while my ubuntu was being updated/ upgraded.
Since then, links on my website take me to some random ad sites.

I rebuilt my server with ubuntu 16.04 and installed official Xampp server. Now again the whole ad serving has started again.

Can someone share some experience/ solution on such activities? Cause, logically my server is a setup from scratch with new root access and just ubuntu 16.04 and official xampp.


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If you have not set up any advertising services on your site, then it seems possible your Linode has been compromised. Have you encountered any other issues or odd behaviors?

In the meantime, I would recommend having a look at the following guides:

Scanning your Linode for Malware

Recovering From a System Compromise

One thing to keep in mind is that it can be quite difficult to locate the source of a compromise and ensure that it is fully resolved. Generally speaking, the best solution is prevention. We strongly recommend following the suggestions in our Securing your Server guide at a minimum whenever you're setting up a new Linode.


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