Server Monitoring

What's the best way to monitor all linodes for cpu usage, network etc etc?

There's a lot of SNMP apps out there and web monitoring solutions, does anyone have a recommendation for something thats not too expensive and works really well?

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Hetrixtools is ALMOST ideal (they don't have disk IOPS and IO stats…), I think they now gives you 15 monitors on the house and their "premium" plans only set you back $9.95 or what not per month for another 10 monitors or so above that plus a monthly stipend of SMSes I believe.

If you want and looking to go premium I can give you my affiliate so we can both can get even more free monitors and blacklist monitors (those are also free for like 125 IPs or something like that) for the life of your subscription to them.

Hmm I don’t need uptime and domain monitoring I need something to monitor CPU, Network etc usage.

Have you considered their "server agent" monitor option? As I mentioned it will monitor the CPU, RAM, disk usage (just not IOPS and IO) and so on. Plus they do keep history for a year and possibly longer for these stats. Here a public monitor I have for my game server that you can reference for what I means

Hi, have you tried netdata ?
It is simply fantastic! And of course free and open source.

Now that’s what I was looking for!

Works great with a few bugs here and there.


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