How do I verify my domain with Google Search Console?

I am trying to set up my website with Google Search Console and need to verify my domain with them. What records do I need to set up an how do I check to see if everything is ready for them to verify my domain?

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Google Search Console provides general instructions for verifying your domain with your registrar. Googles instructions assume that you registrar is also serving your DNS records. If you are using the Linode DNS manager, then this is not the case.

First you will want to check that your domain is using Linode's DNS servers to serve your records. You can do this with the whois command. From your command line type:


You should see in the middle of all the information the following information:

Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

This means that Linode is serving your DNS records, and you need to setup the TXT record that Google provides through the Linode DNS Manager (and not your registrar like Google instructs you.) If you do not see, etc. Then you will need to set up your records at the domain that you do see as your name server.

If you do not have the whois tool available, you can use an online tool to do the lookup. i.e.

You then go to the Linode DNS Manager for your Domain. (Domains -> {your domain}. Then go to [TXT Records] -> [+] Add a Text Record.

Paste the value that Google gives you (like google-site-verification=3vHyLrd_-U3ikFUB_TidbjtkjNeADYDDvYbKKFyS9v1) into the Value field (Leave the hostname field empty). Then click save.

You will now need to wait up to 15 minutes before Linode publishes the record to the internet. (Generally published every 15 minutes at 2 minutes after the quarter of the hour from what I have seen, but this could change without notice).


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