Note! RateMyLinode does not work under Xen yet!

I'm working on enhancing the current RateMyLinode back-end and client to support Xen by almost scrapping everything entirely, and just monitoring /proc/vmstat or /proc/stat for basic IO counters to take the place of /proc/io_status. So any of you who happen to be registered with RateMyLinode will have .. ehm .. issues with the RML client on a Xenode. I'm pretty sure that the client will bomb, or report back zero for your used IO tokens under Xen.

Bonus: under the new-and-improved RateMyLinode you will be able to monitor a lot more. I'm also integrating a Wiki into the site, so everyone can pass around performance tuning tips. You'll be able to monitor things like:

3. CPU utilization (user, nice, system, and idle times in a percentage)

  1. Load Average

  2. Swap IN and OUT kb

  3. Swap used/cache/free

  4. Memory utilization (used, buffers, cached, shared, free, active, and inactive) … and more

Pretty much all the stuff Munin (.. etc) can do, but you'll be able to make your stats public and compare them to other Linodes. After all, that's the point of RateMyLinode! 8-)

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Did anything ever come from this? I quite like the idea of comparing more than just io tokens…



Just out of curiosity, What ever became of this? :wink:


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