How do I use Object Storage for images/videos?

The real question is how I create URL for each photo/images and videos so I can link to them from my WordPress site.

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Hey there,

Because each file has its own URL, streaming the content of these files or embedding them in another program or website is simple and does not require the use of a server.

You can make objects accessible on your website by first ensuring that the bucket is publicly accessible, which you can do using the Linode cli or other tools. Objects will be reachable at a url created by appending the name of the object to the end of the bucket url with a forward slash.

For example:

Bucket named sample-bucket url:

Object named sample-object inside sample-bucket url:

We hope that helps clear things up!

-Tara, Linode Support Team

On the same subject. Is it possible to use Objegt Storage to serve photo versions (small/medium/big)?


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