Which configuration profile is booted?

I am unfamiliar with how to see which profile is booted in the Cloud Manager. I can see it in the dashboard in the Classic Manager, but unsure where to look in Cloud Manager.

How can I tell which profile is booted for my Linode?

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Once logged into your Cloud Manager, this information can be seen from within the specific Linode’s Detail Page.

When you boot your Linode, the configuration profile name will appear in your Activity Feed. To see your Linode’s specific configuration profile (in more detail), navigate to the Advanced tab. This space will list out any disks and configurations assigned to the Linode.

It is possible to have more than one configuration profile listed for your Linode but it can only be booted from one profile at a time.

If you would like to boot using another listed configuration profile, from within the Advanced tab of your Linode, press the more options ellipsis located on the right side of the desired profile name and choose the Boot this Config option. Note: The Linode will be rebooted through this process as its assigned the other configuration profile.


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