mySql Root password

I have installed mySql.. it got installed without asking me root password .. this is major issue…

Then could login as root user without password.

I tried to change root password as per the steps suggested on linode site.. but i could not change it …

Then I got a help from Linode support .. they asked me to use one click app to install LAMP.. I did it as per the steps..
It installed mariaDB instead on mysql .. that too has same problem :-)

I can login without root password

Need help


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If you're logged in as root or using sudo then system-wide root privileges are already granted, so a password wouldn't be required. This guide from MariaDB explains more about database authentication. You can disable this authentication plugin by following the instructions on their page titled Authentication Plugin - Unix Socket. However, depending on your system configuration, disabling this secure plugin could prevent normal interaction with your database. As it's already a secure option, you may want to leave it as is.

You may also follow the MySQL section of our LAMP guide to enhance the security of your database. For both MySQL and MariaDB, you can use the command below. It will take you through a secure setup for your MySQL server including setting a root password and disallowing remote login as root.

sudo mysql_secure_installation

I've also included our guides on a LAMP and LEMP stacks. Referring to these may share some additional insight as to how the web server is configured.


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