Kubernetes Engine Datacentre availability


I just wanted to find out a bit more about the plans for LKE.

I see that it's currently only available in Dallas. Is the plan to eventually make it possible to have an LKE cluster in any Linode regional datacentre?

I'm also curious if it is planned to allow multi-region clusters on LKE (i.e. nodes in a single cluster in different regions). I'm not convinced this is a good idea :-P … just curious!


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Glad to see that you're already tinkering with Linode Kubernetes Engine after being added as a Beta tester yesterday. We do plan to roll out LKE to other data centers eventually.

To satiate your curiosity: there are no current plans to provide multi-region clusters. I've passed this along to members of the LKE team to look into.

Good to know that other datacentres are planned. I'm in Australia and I was very excited to see the Sydney region announced. Looking forward to having my LKE ping times reduced :-)


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