updated mysql and now swapon: cannot stat (FIXED!)


does this make sence? I just updated mysql and now when I reboot the server I get this message. not sure why it would remove the directory should I just make it again to fix the problem?

  • Activating (possibly) more swap …swapon: cannot stat /dev/ubd/1: No such file or directory

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Are you using Gentoo, If you are you may need to change /dev/ubd/1 to /dev/ubda. If you are using another distro then I'm not sure.

Here's what I think happened: you had your kernel set to "Latest 2.6", and hadn't rebooted in a while. When you did, you got a kernel upgrade you weren't expecting.

I think cherring has the right idea as to your solution (besides downgrading your kernel back, which probably isn't the best).

See this thread.

Yes your assumption was correct. I am using Gentoo.

It looks a bit better but still nothing. This is what my fstab looks like now. Notice the warning below..

/dev/ubd/0 / ext3 defaults 0 0

/dev/ubda none swap sw 0 0

none /proc proc defaults 0 0

  • Activating (possibly) more swap …swapon: /dev/ubda: Device or resource busy

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ok this is what my fstab looks like now

/dev/ubd/0 / ext3 defaults 0 0

/dev/ubda none swap sw 0 0

none /proc proc defaults 0 0


A quote from that post…

5) Edit /etc/fstab and change "/dev/ubd/0" to /dev/ubda, and "/dev/ubd/1" to /dev/ubdb, and so on.

See your mistake?


Hey guys thanks for pointing that out you guys rule!

that fixed the problem… :D

/dev/ubd/0 = /dev/ubda


/dev/ubd/1 = /dev/ubdb

Sorry I wasn't clearer when I suggested it, I would have pointed out Chris's post but I didn't have time, glad that it's resolved though and I will try to be more thorough with future posts.

Cheers 8)


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