Linode slave DNS zone not updating

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I’m running my own PowerDNS server, using Linode DNS as a slave, with --allow-axfr-ips and --also-notify set to,,,,,2600:3c00::a,2600:3c01::a,2600:3c02::a,2600:3c03::a,2a01:7e00::a

The master has been sending notifications to Linode DNS servers, and responding to AFXR requests.

Dec 16 04:22:10 IXFR of domain ‘' initiated by with serial 2019121610

Dec 16 04:22:10 IXFR of domain '' to finished

As of now however, the slave zone is no longer updating with changes made on the master. For example, I've added a TXT record 'test' to the domain, but it's not showing when I query from ns*

dig +short @<IPAddress> txt

dig +short @ns{1..5} txt
"v=spf1 a mx ~all"

My LetsEncrypt scripts are failing because they rely on DNS for verification. What might be the reason for this not working?

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It sounds like the SOA serial number is the same on the master and slave zones. You can check via the following commands:

dig +multi  @<IPAddress> soa | grep serial
dig +multi @ns{1..5} soa | grep serial

You'll need to bump up the serial number on the master in order for the slave to be notified of a change.

I just ran across this question when I realized my Let's Encrypt cronjob stopped working last September (2019-09-03). While trying to debug what went wrong, I noticed that the Linode server's were no longer showing any changes. I even bumped the serial number and Linode is not picking up any of the changes.


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