Installation of VNC in ubuntu 19.10

I installed the VNC server in Ubuntu 19.10,following the Linode documentation for installing VNC in ubuntu 18.04 "".
I have a VM player with Ubuntu 18.04 and have Remminna installed. When I try connecting to the server I get the following error in my VMplayer terminal window.:"channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused"
How can I get over this hurdle.
I am a total newbie to the Linux environment as well as having a server in Linode.

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I'm not that familiar with the VM Player, but the error you're receiving could be the result of a few different things. SSH tunneling and your firewall are two possibilities.

As I don't have access to your setup, I wanted to provide you with some resources that I found while digging into this that might be helpful.

My recommendation is to first look at your firewall configuration, as it is the most likely culprit if you're able to access other services running on your Linode:

Control Network Traffic with iptables

To find out what is listening on what ports, you can use netstat Here is a page that gives an overview of how the command works. My recommendation is to check where Remmina is listening as well as your VM player:

How to check opened/closed ports on my computer?

This also may help in regard to your firewall configuration:

What causes the 'Connection Refused' message?

As for SSH tunneling, here is our guide on it:

Setting up SSH Tunnels on your Linode

Finally, a discussion I found on the 'Connection refused' error:

SSH tunnel refusing connections


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