Xenode Dead

About 12:31am CST on Friday, and it seems my Xenode is dead to the world. Can login through LISH and do outgoing connections, but anything going in isn't working.

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Huh… Mine's still up, and doing a lot better than it has been. Are you on host 56 or 57?

Oh, and I think you mean 12:31 CDT, unless you waited an hour to post about it. :-)

Seems a reboot fixed it, but did notice this in dmesg.

Well can't find the exact message, but it was very very very similar to:

> SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

Failed to bring up eth0.

here it is:

Setting up networking...done.
Setting hostname to 'thedarkcitadel.com'...done.
* /etc/network/options is deprecated.
Setting up IP spoofing protection...done (rp_filter).
Enabling packet forwarding...done.
Configuring network interfaces...SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
Failed to bring up eth0.
Running ntpdate to synchronize clockError : Temporary failure in name resolution


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