Migration and downtime

We're thinking about migrating our server to a data center closer. We're located and active in Sweden (with some traffic from countries close to us). The Linode was started via Laravel Forge which didn't let us choose the location of the datacenter. So, I have two questions regarding migration.

  1. Would it be a HUGE difference in site speed moving datacenter to one located in Europe?

  2. It says that the migration can take up to a day. Is that up to a day of downtime or will the "old" server be running and then just overlap to the new, making it a downtime of the time it takes for the DNS to be in place?

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Moving your server from, I assume the United States, to a location in Europe will help a lot in terms of speed.

I’m not familiar with migrating a server from Forge or what you’re running. But if it’s possible, what I would do is clone your current server and create one in the data center you want.

Make sure it’s working properly, then point your DNS to that new server. DNS propagation could take up to a day, but usually like 12 hours.


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