linode credit are not applied when i created my account

hello team
when i create my account , you said that i will 50$ free credit
but i have receive nothing in my account
thank you

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I located your account and took care of that for you. Looking into why the promo you were looking for didn't get applied, it looked like you used another promo code while signing up. Our system will only accept one promo for each signup. I adjusted your account to make sure it received the better promo.

and to let you know also, that i use also this account for bug bounty , and penetration testing
thank you for your undestanding

Hello, when I created my account, I didn't receive the $100 Free Credit.

Hello, I created my account as heard about the Jupiter Broadcasting & Linode 2-month / $100 credit yet it doesn't seem to be applied. Could you pls help apply it? Thank you in advance, warm regards

@Plutus_Returned - If you open a ticket from the Cloud Manager and include this information, our Support team will be happy to take a look.


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