Linode Python 2 API vs linode_api4

I have a custom Python 2 module which I've written which leverages the linode Python module which I have installed on my server and which is documented at My only use of this is to manage my domain name service at Linode.

I'm moving everything to Python 3 and went looking for a Python 3 version of the linode Python module which I can use with appropriately futurized versions of my custom modules. I found linode_api4, which installs and works OK for me, but I'm not finding the methods I need in it, e.g. domain_create(), domain_list(), domain_resource_*(), etc. Am I missing something in linode_api4, or is there another module somewhere which presents somewhat the same API which is Python 3 compliant?

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I think I may be looking at apples and oranges here. After some investigation, the linode_api4 module doesn't seem to have any methods for manipulating resource records or DNS parameters on a per domain name basis. From the doc at it looks as if I may be able to use this module under Python3.


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